Please list activities that you would like to do at Camp Lejeune (ie: obstacle course, rifle range tours, etc.).

What is there to do? If there's an O-course then we should do that, and if we can do a simulator of some kind then that would be cool for the cadets too. C/CMSgt Faulks

We are asking you to guess what Camp Lejeune could offer and then post it here. C/Lt Col Feinstein

Well sir, One thing that I LOVED last year was going on a half-hour O-flight in an Army Black Hawk. I think if the top-ten basics could do that, then that would boost their motivation. Also if we could do more hands-on type stuff then that would get the cadets turned on to the Marine core.
-C/CMSgt Faulks (Yankee flight sgt)

About the Black Hawk Ride, Since in 2007 we rode on helicopters and 2008 we rode on helicopters would it be possible to get a ride on VTOL V-22 Ospreys? I think Lejeune is a V-22 base but please correct me if I am wrong. If it is not lets try and get rides on whatever else they have.
C/1stLt Houston

About what I said with the V-22's, I did some more research and couldn't find anything about V-22's at the base. I couldn't find anything about a Marine Corps Air Station on the base at all. If I am wrong please tell me.
C/1stLt Houston

——reply: No, Camp Lejeune is an Infantry base, so no VTOL's….However, directly connected to camp lejeune is MCAS New River, which is an air station, and even better, there IS a squadron of V-22's there that are used for training. As for O-rides, the V-22 sorta has a bad rap in NC so the chances of O-rides in that particular aircraft are slim at best. Thats not to say that there won't be O-rides in say, an MH-53 Super Sea Stallion, or CH-47's. Good Question, keep it up. -C/Maj Kier

If Camp LeJeune has a simulator, I think honor flight should be allowed to do that on day. Actually, I think it would be great if we could line up a special activity for each day that honor flight could do. It would make "honor flight" mean something to new cadets. Besides that, last year I really liked the self defense and the O-Course. If they have a challenge course, that would be really neat also.
C/CMSgt Larson

I liked the combat pool last year, and I think we should do that again this year.
C/MSgt Larson

I agree with Chief Larson on the self-defense, although a few times last year it got out of hand (cadets doing it to each other in the barracks) I think it would be beneficial to do more with the marines. OR if we could do self-defense with ARMY rangers then that would be even more awesome.
-C/CMSgt Faulks

That would be awesome to do it with the rangers!
C/TSgt Brown

Ok, heres my thoughts. We are allowed to shoot with DoD authorized instructors, so lets see if we can go out and maybe shoot some M-4s or M-16s. If they let us pull out an M-249, all the better. I think it would be cool for the cadets to get to tour a grenade and mortar range too. If not, we should see if we can at least get them to demonstrate some of the infantry firearms for us. I wasn't at the last encampment, so I have no idea what happened. I know I really enjoyed the Martial Arts course and the Marine fighting team in 2007. We REALLY need to do the obstacle course if we can. Lejeune being an infantry base, i'm sure they have a pretty hardcore one we could possibly check out. I don't think we should shoot for O-flights just on the basis of getting honor flight, our goal needs to be getting the entire encampment in the air if possible. If that is unattainable, then we can fall back on just the honor flight flying. Personally, since we are going to be at Lejeune, I was hoping that we might be able to go observe a M1A2 Abrams exercise. Or maybe even tour an M1 or an M2 Bradley. I've heard alot about the simulators, and if we can get those, we need to try to get them for the entire encampment first, honor flight if unattainable for everybody. I think a basic infantry survival class taught by the Marines would be awesome, and maybe even get the cadets out in the field one night under Marine supervision. A night ops class taught by the Marines would be cool too. Basic cadets would get a kick out of that. I think that most of our training should revolve around the Infantry/Air support link, however. Thus incorporating both the Air force's and Marine Corp's mission into our training. I really don't understand the hype about training with the army at a Marine corps base.
C/Capt Padleckas

If we could do the human knot then that would be great. We could make it a contest to see how many times a certain flight could do it in a set amount of time.
C/TSgt Brown

Sure, but I bet NO ONE would be able to beat Echo's record of 7 seconds! - C/CMSgt Larson

What I think would be a GREAT idea for an activity, is if they have a repelling tower, then perhaps we could use that. I think that it would be a great activity for the cadets to overcome their fears and boost their confidence, courage, and motivation. -C/SMSgt Johnson

I think that's a great idea, but I believe the cadets who were afraid to jump off the tower at the combat pool last year would disagree with you (and there would probably be a lot of them… I guess they could do line pushups while the rest of us repell!) - C/CMSgt Larson

I think we should do some hard core orienteering. For example, maybe we could take each flight and dump them somewhere on camp legune (hopefully in a wooded area) and have them find their way to a certain destination. (e.g. Chow Hall, barracks, etc.) That's one thing I don't think we did any of last year.
—C/SMSgt Harford, 9th CTS 1st Sgt

We do that in JROTC every once in a while… Break up the cadets into small groups (Maybe divide each flight in half), and give each group of cadets a compass and take them out to the middle of the woods and to a certain location. We wouldnt be able to go straight there, so we put a small obsticle on a tree or something, and put their next heading and distance they have to travel. Also, an interesting twist to this would be to do this on the last day. At 07 (I think yall did this at others too, but I wasnt there so Im not sure) We had a "Combat Dining In". We could do the course through the woods, and have the finish line to be at the dining in. Much funner than a 5 minute bus ride. -C/SMSgt Johnson

True but we couldn't guarentee that everyone would arrive in time for the dining out to start unless everyone had a GPS locator. It would be a fun activity to do if you set it up like a compass course however and do it over the course of a day.
C/1st Lt Zobel

If the base has the huge wood poles that marines use in there training we should use those and get each flight to carry one or something.
C/TSgt Brown

The only problem with that is there are Army, Marine, and Airforce men running around and we might run into there activitys because we don't really know the base yet, and if we get basics that don't know a thing about anything we do in CAP we will have to take extra time out to teach them what to do and if eveyone gets to the dinner/area we have to go to, and one team does not show up, then we have to send out teams to find the one team thats missing! to much thats just my opinion.
-C/CMSgt Dahms- (U2 fight sargent)

I also think that we should go with the honor flight of the day each day should get to do a special activity that way everyone gets a chance to feel important! -C/CMSgt Dahms- (U2 flight sargent)

Although Camp Lejune is a wonderland for all of the ES people out there it also holds many opportunities for the Aerospace inclined and this cannot be forgotten. I would suggest including some hands on aerospace activities such as the early stages of rocketry (fizzy flyer/Goddard Rocket).
LT Zobel

Let's play nice, Zobel. Remember, this is an encampment, the holy grail of cadet programs. AE is lower on our priorities for the week.
C/Lt Col Feinstein

As has been said by many before me "True Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" AE is one of the cadet programs goals and as such cannot be forgoten. no matter how low it is on a personal priority list. Especially at the "holy grail" activity.
C/1st Lt Zobel

I think we should try to do o-rides for the top ten cadets as well as honor flight. We should think up some activity for honor flight of the day to do besides eating first so that way they have more motivation to get it. I think we should have some type of AE activity because its still a big part of CAP, last year we did little film casing rocket things and also made airplanes it would be cool if we could do some thing like that.
C/SMSgt Bullock whiskey flt sgt

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