Executive Staff

This year's executive staff is…

Cadet Commander: Cadet Major Zachariah Kier
Cadet Deputy Commander: Cadet Captain James Thomas
Cadet Executive Officer: Cadet Colonel Barry Feinstein
Cadet Command Chief: Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Taylor Huneycutt

The executive staff oversees the entire operation of cadet training.

We're kinda like the Transformers… alone we're still pretty badass….but when we combine and work together we become the ultimate transformer……EXECUTRON!! -C/Maj Kier

Don't forget the squadron commanders, the halfway-psuedo-executive staff members: Ashville Twins; Paddy and Bloomy.
-C/Col Feinstein

Hey, what about the amazing first sergeants that make the squadron commanders so awesome?
-C/CMSgt Larson

By that point we might as well make everyone psuedo-exec staff.
-C/Capt Thomas

No, just squadron staff are psuedo-exec staff. Flight staff and support staff can be… something else.
-C/CMSgt Larson

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