What should be our encampment logo?

The final logo for encampment.


All below this is null and void

READ THIS: Alright….I've deleted the pictures that cannot be used….go along the lines of whats left, something "not friendly"…..or do something that ties CAP into the marine corp WITHOUT using the USMC seal……why? because wearing it is not your privilege unless your a marine. Or here's my suggestion…..put the CAP stuff (like a modified CAP/AF seal on the front (where the breast pocket would be) and the other design on the back with the motto under it…..If you don't post more ideas, then I have to find pick/one.

Option 1

C/1stLt Houston, The NCWG Patch wouldn't be a patch it would just be a logo. I couldn't find a picture of that.
That command patch is extremely outdated. -C/Lt Col Feinstein
I deleted the text since it did have to do with the logo, and yes the command patch is outdated. C/1stLt Houston

Option 5
This is a logo that Maj Wiggs made for us.
-C/Lt Col Feinstein

Option 10
C/Maj Kier and C/Lt Col Feinstein

Option 11
C/Maj Kier and C/Lt Col Feinstein

Option 12
C/CMSgt Larson

Option 13
C/CMSgt Larson

Option 14
C/CMSgt Larson

Option 15
C/TSgt Brown

Option 16
C/CMSgt Larson

Option 17
C/MSgt Brown

Option 18
C/MSgt Brown

Thank you for puting it in black and white. I didn't know how to.
C/MSgt Brown

I really like the V-22 that Maj Wiggs designed for us. I think it would be cool if we put that on the back of the T-shirt and have something else on the front.
C/1stLt Houston

I think that the logo really depends on what we chose for a motto.
C/SMSgt M. Larson

I really like Option 5 and option 10. I think that option 5 however really went more along the lines of all of the other years of encampment, so I think it would fit better.
C/CMSgt Faulks

I also think somewhere on the T-shirt we would need to have our encampment motto. It doesn't have to be part of the logo I just think it needs to be there.
C/1stLt Houston

I think we should have the black and white flag raising (op 16) as our logo. It honors the marines and recognizes who we are as Americans. And yes, I agree that our encampment motto needs to be on the shirt.
C/CMSgt Larson

I agree, but the logo needs to have a more broad sense of honoring those who've sacrificed, while at the same time being a kind of cool looking design. So no…this ISN'T easy, I have been working on this for ever it seems. So i need some help in looking for simple, bad ass, patriotic, ORIGINAL (can be be modified to be original) emblem. C/Maj Kier

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