Military Training

Military training is the USAF/USMC knowledge plus the drill, customs and courtesies, and related information.

I think we should do a monkey drill.
C/MSgt Brown

Flight Staff—
As far as customs and courtesies goes, you need to ensure that your basics know how to address and act around a superior. Last year we had cadets walking by staff members without even so much as an acknowledgement that we were there. They also need to know the difference between a "Chief" and a "Sir/ Ma'am". Crack down on moving and looking around at attention or parade rest, and once again… MAKE SURE they know when and how to address a staff member.

-C/CMSgt. Huneycutt

Espcially in areas where it is a no salute zone make sure cadets still know that they should politely greet an officer or sergeant not just pass them by.

-C/1st Lt Zobel

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