Office of the 10th CTS First Sergeant

Welcome to the office of 10th CTS First Sergeant. It is my duty to motivate, train, and discipline. I am the squadron commander's right hand girl and counselor to the flight sergeants. In my spare time I terrorize basics, and in any time I happen to have left over, I attempt to ecucate my fellow staff members on the usefulness of knowing Latin.

Call sign: Rattlesnake

Random facts about me:

  • I am a follower of Jesus Christ
  • My favorite verse is 1 Timothy 4:12, which says, "Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for others in speech, in faith, in life, in love, and in purity."
  • I am the oldest of eight children and have five brothers
  • Two of my siblings are adopted from Liberia, Africa
  • I am a GTM1 and have completed all my training and testing for Ground Team Leader (I'm just waiting til I turn 18)
  • I love riding horses, but unfortunately don't own one
  • I am going to the National Powered Flight Academy this summer and hope to solo
  • I want to be a missionary pilot
  • Before you ask, the reason I don't want to join the military is because I don't want to kill people
  • I'm taking Latin as a foreign language (don't ask me if its dead unless you want to get into a loooong debate)
  • I've been to TeenPact, and enjoyed every minute of it
  • My mint chocolate chip cookies won grand prize at our county fair
  • I am taking gymnastics
  • My best subjects are English, Latin, and writing.
  • I am a rising senior and have been homeschooled my entire life

Good job with the qual.! -C/Lt Col Feinstein

When we get there (or we could do it online) I could argue that Latin is a dead language! (And YES I've taken it!) -C/CMSgt Faulks (Yankee flight sgt)

When we get there i could argue that its NOT a dead language because its used in the taxonomy of every living creature on the planet. (yes, I've taken it too) -C/Maj Kier

True, yet, the opposite of a "dead" language is a "spoken" language, and there are no full Latin words in any romance language, only derivatives. (and I hate arguing with my CC; it makes me feel weird)
C/CMSgt Faulks

Wait a second… you feel weird arguing with your cadet commander, but you don't feel weird arguing with your first sergeant??? Okay, something is wrong here.
C/CMSgt Larson

OK OK, so I've dug myself a grave here! Let's just agree to disagree (and agree that my argument is more awesome) ok?
C/CMSgt Faulks

Just give it up Faulks you are so far in a hole you can't see light, although I will give you some what help and say that Latin is a dead language! If it isn't why don't I here it any where in america?!?!
C/CMSgt Dahms

Actually, almost every word that ends in "tion" is a Latin word, and almost 50% of English words have Latin roots. If we removed Latin from our language we would not be able to communicate with each other. (Latin roots in the above sentances: anglus=english, centum=percent, habeo=have, amoveo=remove, loquella=language, non=not, communico=communicate)
C/CMSgt Larson

And, I'm NOT getting into this one! (Larson please don't bring this up at encampment!)
-C/CMSgt Faulks

Of course not. My time will be much to valuable to spend it attempting to convince you of your obvious misunderstanding.
C/CMSgt Larson

Join the Coast Guard and save lives while serving in the military.
C/Capt Thomas

You know, deceased ancestors have living descendants right? Just because my great great great great great grandpa passed on some genes for me, he definately is not out shooting the bull with passerbys. I haven't taken latin, but I have taken Biology ;) haha
C/Capt Padleckas

Chief Larson, what does Semper Specto mean?
C/Lt Col Feinstein

Sir, "Semper Specto" quite literally means, "I am always watching."
C/CMSgt Larson

If you know Latin you know the better part of most romance and some Germanic languages. In short no matter where you go you can understand at least the idea of what people are saying. It can be quite useful especially when talking to Executive and Squadron staff!
C/1st Lt Zobel

Exactly what I was trying to say! lol
C/CMSgt Larson

All staff should also learn these Hebrew words:

  • Maher- move your ass
  • Lech- go away
  • Rootz- run

more to come…
C/Lt Col Feinstein

Audire est oboedire, O princeps magnus.
C/CMSgt Larson

ast et leh this is America we have English for a reason????
All Basics should learn these words:
1. move your ass - i'm walking faster then you
2. go away - only come back if you have food for me
3. run - scram you fool
C/2d Lt Neville

This is America, land of free speech. Don't limit me to English!!!
All basics should learn these Elvish words:
1. kelva = move
2. erume = go away
3. nonoro = run
4. karkarasse = smile (I'm PAO)
5. nwalya = do pushups!
6. apsa sii, mool = bring me food, slaves!
C/SMSgt M. Larson

I revise my previous statement on the 9th CTS page……this proves that we've taken the art of being a nerd to a whole new level…I feel like I should have said ''warp factor 9'' or something…. C/Maj Kier

Er, eh, uh… ich kann Deutsch…
-El Chiefo Huneycutt

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