Office of the 9th CTS Commander

Office of the 9th CTS Commander

I'm C/Capt Nicholas Aleksander Padleckas, and I'm here for whatever you need. Feel free to call me, email me, text me or whatever, whether you need something or just want to shoot the bull.

Callsign: BEAST


A little about me:

Junior at McDowell High School
Steadfast Believer that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior
I love flying with an inconcievable passion
Wakeboarding, Snowboarding, and Paintball are where its at
Rock Climbing is amazing too
I soloed on March 17, 2008 in CAP C-172P 99700
I've been to Cadet Officer School, Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training Familiarization Course, and National Blue Beret
I'm an Eagle Scout
The F/A-18F Superhornet is one of the most amazing birds flying.
Oh ya, I fish a little on the side
I am the current Cadet Commander of the Asheville Composite Squadron, and we frequently do any kind of training you would ever want to have, so drop me an email if you want dates, topics and info
Yes, my middle name is halfway spelled in Russian. Thats because my family is Lithuanian.
I have a multitude of Nicknames I've aquired over the years
-the Beast
-the Marine
-Sir Pegleg the Beast
- Whatever the heck else you want to call me, I'll probably respond
Anyone except Kier is fair game for a size 13 boot down their throat for a Navy or Marine joke
Army jokes are welcome anytime

Aleksander? A little ruski, eh? -C/Lt Col Feinstein

Jūsų veidas prašydama plytų- 9th CTS Comm.

أرى أنك اللتوانية. كيف لي أن خسرت نحو سرب الغذائي في القائمة؟
-C/Lt Col Feinstein

אני רואה שאתה ליטאי. אני אאבד אתרשימת האוכל שלך
C/Lt Col Feinstein

Your losing food? -C/Capt Padleckas

No. It says "I see that you are a litvak. I will lose your food list."
-C/Lt Col Feinstein

Dangit!!! Come on man, we didn't even start getting food until 1991!!! C/Capt Padleckas

In Soviet Russia, food eats YOU!
C/Lt Col Feinstein

OMG!!! The return of the hieroglyphics!!!!!! Its almost as freaky as the hypno-guinea pig on the support staff page!!!!!! -C/Maj Kier

Let it be known, I am the only staff member of four languages, even though i only speak one.- C/Capt Padleckas

I speak only two languages, english, and bad english. By the way I think i have new nickname for you, "paddycakes" don't ask me how it came to me. -C/Maj Kier

I speak English and Hebrew and can read (and speak a bit of) Arabic. Semitic languages FTW! They are better than Latin. Take that Larson!
C/Lt Col Feinstein

Fatue! Lingva Latina Mortua NON EST! Veni Vedi Vici!
C/1st Lt Zobel

Don't make me pull out some greek!
C/SMSgt Harford

Vera est! Sine lingua Lantina linguae Europae nihil est. Si unam linguam Chananeae sciis, linguam unam sciis. Si lingua Latina sciis, tum radices linguae numerosae Europae sciis.
C/CMSgt Larson

Si nithl agnosco, mox converto. Veritum dium est.
C/1st Lt Zobel P.S. Larson please excuse my terrible grammar it has been awhile

Mea convertere desiderasne?
C/CMSgt Larson


What language is this one?
-C/Capt Padleckas

의 여기에서에 6개의 언어 무엇이 좋아요에는 그래서 나는 있는가? 나가 야영에 의하여 국제적인 메이저일 녀석 높은 쪽으로 그들을 선반에 얹는 유지하십시오!
- C/Capt Padleckas

*?I don't care what language is spoken at encampment since I know many due to international friends. Pick one and put the others on the shelf. ?* Is this a correct translation?

Корейско, русско, литовско и китайцы
- C/Capt Padleckas

-You know Korean, Russian, Lithuanian, and Chinese?

I plan on getting there eventually haha.
C/Capt Padleckas

-Its Feanorian script-

Just when I thought we couldn't get any nerdier……. -C/Maj Kier

Yep, that's me.
-except for the part about holy grail

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