Office of the 9th CTS First Sergeant

Umm so yeah. This is my office. Basically I'm the guy that the basics will probably want to avoid. (I sure avoided Huneycutt last year)

That's what's up.- Huneycutt

Who didnt avoid him…LOL….jk -Dahms A

I didn't… I didn't even know he existed till the ride home when my sister started telling horror stories! - Chief Larson

Horror stories? He wasn't that bad… unless you were near him. (or you did something wrong) The key was to keep your distance and stay quiet. —Harford

I think he just didn't like me.
-the other Larson

Too bad some kids never learn….. -Kierza

I manly laughed at his last name the first time I herd it (hope we are good huneycutt lol) then I thought he was being mean for the fun of it, but after tuesday i relized he was just doing his job and i didn't mind him after that LOL! -C/CMSgt Dahms

Dahms, watch your back… -Huneycutt

Fun Facts:

I believe that salvation in Jesus Christ is by grace, through faith, not that any should boast.
I love food. especially cereal
I play tennis
I've been in CAP about 15 months
I'm going to NCC in July (color guard)
I come from a very academic famalia. (yes, that means lots of studying)
Paintball is the bomb
I'm one of 7 kids, and only the second to have military ambitions. (my bro is going to Marine Corps OCS this fall)
My ultimate goal is to be working in space. (but probably not NASA because of salary rates)
I'm a downright beasty drummer and not too bad at bass
I love classic rock music (hate metal)

not so temporary callsign:

Who said it is temporary?
C/Col Feinstein

C/SMSgt Harford

I'm always happy. I'm so happy, o so happy…
C/Col Feinstein

Actually, according to the new commo plan, these call signs are not to be used after June 27th 2009. That sounds temporary to me.
-C/SMSgt Harford

But they will stick with you for life. This is an encampment you will never forget. :)
C/Col Feinstein

So will be every encmapment that you go to. for different reasons every encampment is the encampment you will never forget.
C/Capt Zobel

Except that this one will be the better than all years past.
-C/Maj Kier

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