Office of the Cadet Commander

Welcome to the office of the cadet commander. I am responsible for the training and well being of all cadets attending encampment.

"I understand that these basics are entrusted to my care and through my own training, experience, and handpicked staff, I will train them to the best of my ability to become honorable, well disciplined, physically fit, basically trained cadets."

Callsign: "Godfather"

Some fun facts about C/Maj Kier =)

I love Jesus.
Height: 5'6'
Wieght: 153 lbs.
Fastest mile run time: 5:50
I just built my own desktop computer.
I have a twin.
I've read the entire king james bible 3 almost 4 times.
More coming soon…..Huneycutt you are banned from posting facts about me.

Huneycutt, send the facts to me and I'll sneak them on here. -Barry

Barry, we need to make sure Zach's mom sends us some cookies again. This year should work out because we don't have Jay Thomas here to eat everyone's cookie rations. -Huneycutt
I heard those were the shit. Zach, if she doesnt bring them, I will not be happy. -Barry
Hate to break it to you Taylor, but I'm here now so I'd hide the cookies if I were you. -Jay

My mom is taking orders in advance if some of the staff has requests………Zach

Tell her we want quadruple chocolate chips, delivered by the Navy Leap Frogs, and wrapped in $100 bills.- Huneycutt
Can we get some filet mignons too?- Barry

OOOOOOHHHH and an ensemble of dancing/singing midgets?- Taylor
That's what basics are for. -Barry
Basics can't sing…- Taylor

Taylor: That's because they're hoarse from jodies. Once they show up, I own their voices, and I don't like to share. :-P
Zach: Whatever happened to Ninja Hobbit? Was it kidnapped by some of those Navy Leap Frogs Taylor is talking about? - Sierra

Whoa…..this went from normal to psychadelic in two posts……i like it…… *nod of approval*.

Actually my mother's birthday is on the 24th…so i am making the basics sing her happy birthday over the phone. =)

Sounds fun Can I join in? - LT Zobel

Absolutely she'd be honored. I try to do something nice like this for her every year. Last year most of the Line staff sang it for her. She was very touched..who knows…she might make EXTRA cookies for it =) C/Maj Kier

As decided on facebook, only exec. staff gets cookies.
C/Lt Col Feinstein

I have a plan….. -C/Maj Kier

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