Office of the Cadet Command Chief

Howdy, you've reached the Office of the Command Chief. I am interested in helping the Command Staff, as well as the rest of the 2009 NCWG-NATCAP Summer Encampment staff in running the most quality training experience for cadets possible. While the first sergeants are the people basics try to avoid during their week at encampment, I am the person that they hope they don't even come within earshot of.

Callsign: El Chiefo

Well, everyone else was doing it…

-For the second year in a row, I am the youngest staff member at Encampment at 14 years old.
-I have in the program for 2 years now.
-I play football and lacrosse at Apex High School
-I work out often, which usually consists of weight lifting for football and hard running for lacrosse.
-I am a gifted skier; I was forced to learn how to ski on the advanced runs of Salt Lake's Park City and Deer Valley.
- The reason my right ankle has problems is because of skiing.
-I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ.
-This is the second year I've served as Zachariah Kier's lackey…

Zach- I'll post facts wherever I want! Hehehe.

I think there are a couple of 14 year old cadets on staff this year, including me.
Is any one else on staff younger than 14?
I have a question, what position do you play in football?
1st Lt Houston

Taylor you know you like it. -Zach

Houston, I play Offensive Right Tackle.
Zach, I'll step on you. Tell your sister I said, "Hey."- Taylor

"you're dead meat taylor, dead meat…" —your worst nightmare = KIERZA

Love you- Huneycutt

Hate to break it to you, but my sister's 14 also. - Chief Larson

Huneycutt, what exactly does the command chief do? —Harford

I mostly kill problem cadets in their sleep…
Actually, my job is mostly like that of a first sergeant, only on a larger level. I am both the CC's right-hand man, as well as I oversee the activity and proficiency of the line staff NCO's of the encampment, with a little harassment on the side :P — Huneycutt

Be careful what you say Huneycutt. Don't let Harrassment become Hazing or safety will be all over you. - C/1st Lt Zobel

In that case, I think you should change your callsign to "abominable snowman" - Chief Larson

I'm glad that Zobel wasn't safety last year, as Huneycutt can attest me and Taylor make a good combo at hazing Senior members…especially in the shower. -C/Maj Kier

Yuck! - Huneycutt

I will take that as a compliment and go from there. and in the shower, Honestly? - C/1st Lt Zobel

Yes, the story is really quite hilarious. Luckily the senior member was prior military and understood that hazing is how we say "hello" in the service. -C/Maj Kier

Huneybunches of PAIN

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