Office of the Cadet Deputy Commander

Greetings and Welcome to the office of the Cadet Deputy Commander.
At this time you are probably wondering, "who's this Jay Thomas kid, and where'd he come from?"
Here are some facts about me that might help you in your state of confusion:

-I'm a believer in Christ as my savior

-I love food, so don't get between me and good Marine chow or bad things will happen

-I commanded the Honor Squadron at the 2008 NCWG Encampment (Hoooah 7th CTS)

-I am currently the Cadet Commander of the greatest squadron in NCWG the South Charlotte Cadet Squadron

-I am a rising senior in highschool (I know, so young…but look at huneycutt) and I'm homeschooled
-Yeah!!- Huneycutt

-I have been in CAP for four years of which the highlight will be going to Canada with IACE this year

-I will have attended the Naval Academy's Summer Seminar before I arrive at Encampment so I suggest you keep the Navy and Marine Corps jokes to the minimum while around me or you will find yourself in a world of hurt.

Callsign: Hitman

I look forward to meeting all of you on the 19th.
C/Capt Jay Thomas

I have to say that I am really excited to be working with C/Capt Thomas. From what I hear from the cadet commander, he is pretty BA. Definately keep the Navy jokes to a minimum, because I will be going into NROTC next year. And the Camp Lejeune Marines will kill you if you joke about the marines.
C/Lt Col Feinstein

naaahhh….I gots jokes a plenty for navy/marines and huneycutt keeps my spares for other branches. C/Maj Kier

Hoorah on numbers three and four!
C/CMSgt Larson

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