Office of the Cadet Executive Officer

Hey everybody, pull up a chair. Hope you have a good time during your stay!

You are in the office of the Cadet Executive Officer. This office manages all support functions of the encampment. Me and my cronies decides who gets food, who gets supplies and radios, who gets written up in the newsletters, and how inspections are held. (Hint: keep us happy if you want to be happy.)

I intend to turn support staff into a non-fail and productive unit at encampment. There will be no incompetence, laziness, or anything of the sort on my watch.

With that said, we still intend to have fun with the basics. Most of the staff will be deployed throughout the day instead of sitting behind a computer. We will participate in any late-night stress-inducers.

A favorite cadence of mine, from RCLS '05.

Hey, Hey, Sweet thing
How do you do
Do you remember me babe
The way I remember you

We used to go to school
My favorite subject was you
The only A that I made
Was in the homework you gave

Hey, Hey, Sweet thing
How do you do
Do you remember me babe
The way I remember you

We used to go to the lake
You made my poor heart ache
And everytime that it rained
You would call out my name

Hey, Hey, Sweet thing
How do you do
Do you remember me babe
The way I remember you

Fun facts about the XO:
Born and raised in Philly (Prince of Bel-Air, anyone?)
I am Jewish, though very secular
I am the only one able to score a 110% on the test you all took :)
I graduate high school on May 25, 2009
I am going to Georgia Tech next fall on a Navy ROTC scholarship
Don't get in a regulation fight with me. You will be getting yourself into a losing battle.
I have been in this program for almost 6 years. I know what works and what doesn't. However, I am always ready and willing to take suggestions/criticisms.

-Assassin (C/Col Barry Feinstein)

Support staff '09 is a collection of some of the best cadets I have ever met in CAP. Here they are:

Carpal Tunnel: C/Capt Zachary Baughman

Sasquatch: C/CMSgt Graham Neville
Gingie: C/CMSgt Christian Sluder

Coffee: C/SMSgt Timothy Johnson
Kamo Kitty: C/SMSgt Micah Larson

Beach Boy: C/1st Lt Robert Dahms
Unicorn: C/1st Lt Kyle Zobel

Cat-herder: C/Capt Joel Woods
Northman: C/Lt Col James Flanagan
[No call sign yet]: C/2d Lt Christopher Harris


I haven't seen you on Skype Lately Where have you been? - Zobel

I had to turn in my good laptop back to my school. I can't download skype on this older laptop or it will crash. I am using AIM express if you want to talk to me. -C/Lt Col Feinstein

Ironically enough AIM crashed my computer so i have to stick with skype. maybe I will talk to you later. - zobel

Just use AIM express- no downloading. It is web-based.
C/Lt Col Feinstein

Also take a look at the SET page and the Support Staff Sandbox I have finally finished with making the horses after much fiddleing. if they are not up by the time you get there it will be within 5 minutes - zobel

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