Office Symbols

Office symbols are very important for recognizing the OPR (Office of Primary Responsibility). Below are the office symbols that we will be using at encampment.

C/CC: Cadet Commander
C/CD: Cadet Deputy Commander
C/XO: Cadet Executive Officer
C/CCF: Cadet Command Chief

Sq/CC: Squadron Commander
Sq/CCF: Squadron First Sergeant

Flt/CC: Flight Commander
Flt/Sgt: Flight Sergeant

C/DA: Cadet Administrative Officer
C/LG-DC: Cadet Logisitics and Communications Officer
C/DLG-DC: Cadet Deputy Logisitics and Communications Officer
C/PA: Cadet Public Affairs Officer
C/SE: Cadet Safety Officer
SET: Standardizations, Evaluations, and Training Officer
DSET: Deputy Standardizations, Evaluations, and Training Officer

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