Physical Training
sourceCadet Basics attending Encampment will participate every morning in organized, squadron level calisthenics. Post your suggestions and ideas for a PT schedule below.

Let's get an actual mile run going if we have time! First Sergeants, make sure PT is challenging. - C/CMSgt. Huneycutt

This is basically what I told my staff last year (not that they needed it.) The only reason I am saying it now is so there are no misunderstandings.

Start training now, I run, train upper and lower body, and eat (sorta) healthy. So I am not asking you to do anything that I myself am not already. I will have no sympathy for you if you cannot keep up with the basics, and believe me, there's always a few every year that look like they've been hittin' the Roids. If you haven't already begin running (especially) as well as doing push-ups/sit-ups on a regular basis. I'm not asking you to be Rhonnie Coleman or anything, but if you show up to encampment and are not prepared to lead by example and do EVERY exercise the basics will be doing, don't plan on staying. Make time for this. I am a full-time college student with a part time job and I make time for it. If I can do it so can you.

Lets face it, CAP physical training is rarely difficult, but it is supposed to be challenging. Lets make it challenging.

-C/Maj Kier
Here's my word for Staff as it pertains to PT.
As cadet staff we don't expect you to be superhuman, with that said we do expect you to be ultra human. You are only as strong as you think that you are. You NEED to start working out ASAP because if you don't start until the 12 of June then you will fall miserably short. When I joined CAP I ran a 13 min mile and could only do 7 pushups, obviously I've had to up that to become a C/Capt.

Here are some tips that I've found productive in leading PT especially if you are not the most enthusiastic person about PT.

-Change up the exercises a lot alternating between arms, legs, and abs.

-Know your limits and always go just below that number

-Switch up the number that you go to, don't just always go to 10,20,15, & 30…use 17, 19, 23 etc… it will actually tire the cadets out more mentally because it will confuse them at a very subtle level and they won't be able to pace themselves.

-Keep talking. You will find it easier to do the exercises yourself if you are encouraging your cadets. If you are doing sungods and find your arms falling yell at your cadets to keep their arms up and at the same time follow your own advice, it really works.

-If there is an exercise that you know you really hate, work on it the most before encampment so that when you arrive at least you can do it, there is nothing worse for the development of the cadets it their staff fail.

- Finally if you really cannot do something never let the cadets see that. Go to the back of the flight or don't do that exercise, but never let the cadets witness your weakness.

Best Wishes, and get in shape,
C/Capt Thomas

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