This is the page for the 2009 Encampment Safety Team. We will be developing safety plans and getting ready for this years encampment which we hope to be an enjoyable one.

Heres a good video, promoting a safety culture.

All cadet staff will go through a Safety course. You will be able to determine the symptoms of dehydration and heat exhaustion and how to prevent/treat it properly.

There will be a "cheat sheet" handed out to all staff members as well. This is new and uncharted territory for Civil Air Patrol so we are going to be sticklers when it comes to the Safety of everyone.

An official safety plan is in the files section of this page, as well as many other safety documents. Enjoy.


Every human was a single cell for 3 hours in their life.


That Poison Sumac looks just like a normal everyday plant?


What not to do when servicing an airplane. Do you think it is working?

C/1st Lt Robert Dahms
C/Capt Kyle P. Zobel

Safety Officers
NC-NATCAP 2009 Summer Encampment

If you have any questions or ideas, please feel free to let us know on this page. :)

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