Senior Member Chain of Command

Encampment Commander: Major Linwood Dabney

Commandant of Cadets: Major Andy Wiggs

Executive Officer: Lieutenant Colonel Albert Therriault
Finance Officer: Lieutenant Colonel Leslie Ingram
Administrative Officer: First Lieutenant Kathy Gaddy
Transportation Officer: Major Mary Fleagle
Communications Officer: Major Michael Starr
Logistics Officer: First Lieutenant Mark Wuerfful
Assistant Logistics Officer: First Lieutenant Dan Walker
Chaplain: Major Edward Fleagle
Public Affairs Officer: Major Conrad D'Cruz
Assistant Public Affairs Officer (Technology Guru): Captain Paul Twiddy
Medical Officer: First Lieutenant Mauro Capobianco
Safety Officer: Captain Dan McCollum

Chief TAC Officer: First Lieutenant Casey Cole

TAC Officers:

  • Lieutenant Colonel Janon Ellis - 9th CTS
  • First Lieutenant Toni Ali - Uniform
  • First Lieutenant Fred Draper - Victor
  • Second Lieutenant Terry Beck - Whiskey
  • Second Lieutenant Jacob Summey - 10th CTS
  • First Lieutenant Joseph French - Xray
  • Major Karl Katterjohn - Yankee
  • Captain Terri Zobel - Zulu

Thank you so much to these senior members for volunteering to serve on encampment staff.

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