Staff Training

uWe will be having staff training on June 12-14 at the Justice Academy East in Salemburg, NC. All staff are required to attend this training. If you can not attend, let C/Lt Col Feinstein know through e-mail at gro.ten-aha|nietsniefb#gro.ten-aha|nietsniefb.

One of the main components of this training is "Required Staff Training" (RST). This is "how not to haze your basics and land us in a giant lawsuit." We will also be offering "Real RST," which is another way to teach the material.

The schedule for the weekend is attached to this page. The training starts at 1800 on Friday and ends at 1200 on Sunday. A packing list has been uploaded to this page.

The Justice Academy has, per suite, two rooms of two people (four people total in the suite), joined by a bathroom. These are the suite assignments for the weekend.

Suite 1 Suite 2 Suite 3 Suite 4 Suite 5 Suite 6 Suite 7
Kier Padleckas Tillett Zobel Woods Bullock, Emily Larson, Sierra
Feinstein Harford Faulks Neville Flanagan Bullock, Danielle Bullock, Elizabeth
Maj Wiggs Houston Pettee Sluder Baughman Capt Zobel Logel
. Walker Brown . . Lt Cole Larson, Micah

Will we arrive in civilian attire or BDU's?
C/CMSgt Walker
Victor Flight Sgt.

Arrive in BDUs for the opening formation.
C/Lt Col Feinstein

Thank you sir.
C/CMSgt Walker
Vicotr Flight Sgt.

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