Support Sandbox

What should be the support motto? Mission? Guidon? Logo? Mascot? Or anything else that comes to mind…

Motto: "We make it happen."
By C/SMSgt Micah Larson

Mission: "To hold encampment together"
By C/SMSgt Micah Larson

By the way, go Micah!
C/Lt Col Feinstein

Still looking for a mascot of sorts…

"What? Would you also like me to wipe your butt and feed you applesauce through a squeezy-tube?" -C/Lt Col Feinstein and C/SMSgt Johnson

"Say pretty please and then we might think about helping you."- C/CMSgt Neville

"Where would they be with out us?"-C/CMSgt Neville

"I turn my back for three seconds and encampment falls apart." - C/CMSgt Larson

"Support Staff: the backbone of encampment" -C/MSgt M Larson

"We make it happen" -C/MSgt M. Larson

"holding the world together" -C/MSgt M. Larson

"Why?" -C/SMSgt Johnson

"To give aid and guidance to the line staff, and create an environment were both staff and basic succeed" -C/Lt Col Flanagan

"To let the Line Staff keep their jobs." -C/Capt Baughman

"To hold encampment together" -C/MSgt M. Larson

"To reassure parents, reconcile senior members, recover missing basics, retrieve forgotten items, and rectify line staff's mistakes." - C/CMSgt Larson

  • Oh, I am sure there are going to be many of the last one, which will lead to the third and fourth ones, which then cause the first two to happen. -C/Lt Col Feinstein

"Per Nostrum Vires" - C/CMSgt Larson
Which means….




-C/SMSgt Johnson

-My mom likes the guinea pig.
-C/MSgt M. Larson

-My mom (Capt. Zobel) likes the guinea pig too but I am not so sure…
-C/1st LT Zobel

-I'm thinking the Geico Gecko but a hamster works.
-C/CMSgt Neville

By the way, Neville, Its a Guinea Pig… not a Hamster…
-C/SMSgt Johnson

……..ok the guinea pig is seriously freaking me out.
-Freaked out C/Maj Kier

Oh, my bad Johnson sorry to offend you….Guinea Pig….how can I ever make this right???no we should have like a snowman as our mascot…-C/CMSGT Neville

An intersting picture…


-C/Lt Col Feinstein

It is a very interesting picture indeed, however if it is a mascot, shouldnt we be able to bring it with us? Where are we going to get a unicorn?
… or whatever that thing is…
-C/SMSgt Johnson

Zobel is going to give it a better color scheme. But we could put that on the guidon if we wanted to. -C/Lt Col Feinstein

I think it should be more of a work horse, seeing as the farmer get all the credit for the work horse's work—C/CMSgt Neville
Anything else:

I have moved the Horse pictures to a word document that is attached to this page. Also I have left up the giant pictures. I am cleaning my scanner now so that they will not be splotchy anymore. I have also not yet added the Support staff words at the bottom. It adds nearly 200KB to the file and I only want to add it to the one we finally choose. Also in the word document is a blank Horse so you can make your own color schemes. Unless you have a good graphics suite do not try to add color on the computer. I had to color them by hand myself. The white background is too inconsitant from being printed, scanned, printed, and re-scanned. good luck and happy coloring.
Lt Zobel

Is this suppost to be a sort of trojan horse?
-C/SMSgt M. Larson

You might think of it as a trojan horse. in fact that might make some sense. The reason I did what I did though was because I liked C/2d Lt Neville's suggestion as shown above and tried to go by it while still using the basic outline of the support staff horse.

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