Support Staff

Support staff runs the encampment. Keep watching this page for more information about what we are doing.

Your 2009 Support Staff

Cadet Executive Officer: Cadet Colonel Barry Feinstein

Administrative Officer: Cadet Captain Zachary Baughman

Logistics and Communications Officer: Cadet Second Lieutenant Graham Neville
Deputy Logistics and Communications Officer: Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Christian Sluder

Public Affairs Officers: Cadet Senior Master Sergeant Timothy Johnson and Cadet Senior Master Sergeant Micah Larson

Safety Officers: Cadet First Lieutenant Robert Dahms and Cadet First Lieutenant Kyle Zobel

Standardizations, Evaluations, and Training Officer: Cadet Captain Joel Woods
Deputy Standardizations, Evaluations, and Training Officers: Cadet Lieutenant Colonel James Flanagan and Cadet Second Lieutenant Christopher Harris

Support Staff FTW!

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