Uniform U-2s

U2 Motto - One team, One chance, One victory!

U2 Goal - Push the limit, strive for excellence!

Flight Commander: C/Capt Houston
Hello to all staff of the NCWG 2009 Summer Encampment. This year is going to be a blast and we are
all going to rock Camp Lejeune. Feel free to post any comments on this page and I will try to address them.
Congratulations to all who made it on staff and I look forward to working with you.


Flight Sergeant: C/CMSgt Dahms
Hello all Encampment staff, I am look forward to working with you all.
This is going to be an outstanding year!!

Uniform U-2s Chant
"Get back, get back,
get back into the woods,
cause you have not got
you have not got
you have not got the goods
and you have not got the rhythm
and you have not got the jazz
and you have not got the flight
that the U-2s have!"

Uniform U-2 Guidon


Here is a quick video showing what the U-2 is all about.

These are CAP Cadets doing Crowd Control for a USAF U-2B Static display at the 2008 EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh,
WI- C/Capt Padleckas, 9th CTS Commander


Fell free to leave any comments or ideas of what we can do to make the U2s better!

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