Victor Vipers

Victor Flight's Guidon:

Victor Flight Commander C/2d Lt Emily Bullock

Victor Flight Sergeant C/CMSgt Ryan Walker

Greetings from the Victor Flight Sergeant! I am a Chief Master Sergeant from NC-162 where I currently serve as Cadet Commander. I have been in CAP for 4 years now. I serve on the NCWG Cadet Advisory Council and hold a number of ES qualifications, including UDF, GTM3, MRO, SET, and ACUT. When Im not doing CAP things, Im active in a Marine Corps JROTC unit. There, Im active on the drill and exhibition teams. My interests include of course, CAP and MCJROTC, anything war related, movies, rock/metal music, combat video games, and helping out at my church.
I look forward to working with the Cadet Staff this year, and wish everyone good luck in their preparations for making the best year of encampment thus far.


Our Mission:
To teach, train, and provide all of the necessary tools that our cadets need to achieve excellence in all that they do.

Diligently creating an atmosphere of excellence.

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