X-Factored Xrays

About our Name: An X-Factor is a hard-to-describe influence or quality, or an important element with unknown consequences.

Our Vision: A flight of discipline, victory, and knowledge.

Our Mission: To train our cadets so as to better their skills and leadership ability in CAP.

Our Motto: Semper-Pro-Populum (Always ahead of the group)


Scratch that, the picture will not be on the guidon. It will look completely different. I'm still going to leave the picture though because it's awesome.

So, I don't have a camera right now and so I'm going to describe my guidon: The flag itself is black. There is a red X going across the flag with the word RAY in the center of the flag colored red running vertically. I will try and get a picture up eventually if I can borrow a camera or something.

This is a new idea but X-ray flight's theme song is, "Till I Collapse" eminem.

One thing I found out is that the NATO spelling for this word is Xray. Please change everything appropriately.
C/Lt Col Feinstein

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